Duarte/Downey Real Estate Agency, Inc


Passionate. Driven. Ambitious. Transparent.

These are the top and most prevalent traits of my character, traits that I have applied to everyday life and throughout my work life in various jobs/positions for as long as I can remember.

I received my Real Estate education at the Mass Academy of Real Estate in Braintree, MA, and shortly after furthered myself in the Real Estate field by becoming a REALTOR®.  I am eager to gain as much knowledge about the industry as well as the communities this industry encompasses. 

I was born in Norwood, MA and moved to Cape Cod; There I graduated from Falmouth High School all the while working to better myself and my community. I am very outgoing, charismatic, engaging and love to always be doing "something! I enjoy taking pictures, and have been behind a camera lens really since the day my grandfather put a camera in my hands. I love walking the beaches, writing poetry/short stories, music (in many forms), exploring new places, meeting new people and hearing their stories.

Prior to being a Certified Real Estate Agent I wore many hats; working within my community as a Personal Care Assistant, a Line Chef, a Carpenter and Landscaper- Even booking Live Music which led me into one of my current passions and endeavors: Being a co-owner of (3065 LIVE) a live entertainment venue.

My drive and ambition really translates well into the field of Real Estate, as does the passion I carry and my transparency. I know that I will always perform to my best ability, and beyond, to ensure that clients looking to buy, sell or book their vacation rentals do so with confidence, knowing that I am representing them with their best interests in mind.