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Which Houseplant Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

by Duarte/Downey Real Estate Agency 12/24/2021

If you’re choosing a houseplant for yourself or as a gift, it’s hard to know where to begin. With so many options and different care needs, the world of indoor plants can be intimidating. However, one fun way to choose is by zodiac sign. This is an excellent birthday gift idea and a way to get your own plant collection started. We’ve put together a brief guide for what plants best match each Zodiac sign.


Aries are characterized as proud and impulsive, but also low maintenance. Succulents of all kinds (including cacti) are perfect for an Aries as they don’t require constant attention, but will provide excellent color and satisfaction through their growth.


Taurus’ common traits are stubbornness and dedication to hard work as well as deeply caring. Fiddle Leaf Figs are perfect for Taurus as they require care and stick-to-it-ness. A Taurus won’t give up on this higher-maintenance plant.


Air plants are the best suggestion for a Gemini. Both are easily adaptable and changeable. Air plants get their nutrients from the air and water rather than soil, making them completely mobile—you can move them at a whim and they will still thrive.


Cancers are sensitive and dedicated but with a tendency toward dramatic emotions. Peace lilies make the perfect match, as they are resilient plants that will happily spring back from a bad spot if given the proper care.


Leos have strong and fiery personalities, making them a perfect fit for bromeliads. These vibrant tropical plants come in bright colors and make a big statement in a room with their impressive foliage and flowers. A Leo’s bromeliad will be the center of attention.


Virgo tend to be characterized as narcissistic but are more often concerned with detail. They are dependable and caring and will do well with a rubber plant. These bold and hearty plants are simple in appearance but require an exact amount of light and water to thrive—perfect details for a Virgo to tend to.


Libra’s traits are a love of harmony and sophistication. There are few houseplants more sophisticated than the monstera. These plants are designer favorites because they present well in any style of room and have large, symmetrical leaves that are pleasing to the eye.


Scorpios are like snake plants: bold and independent. These plants can survive with very little care and still make a big statement in any room with their tall, pointed leaves.


Prayer plants are perfect for an exciting and adventurous Sagittarius. These plants move constantly throughout the day in order to absorb sunlight. You never know what to expect with a decorative and changeable plant like this one.


Capricorns are known to be practical and patient. Jade plants are similarly practical and their very slow growth requires a lot of patience. They are beautiful at any size but with dedicated care may grow as tall as the Capricorn themself if given enough time.


The wild vines and colorfully variegated leaves of the pothos plant make them great for a creative and eccentric Aquarius. These plants can thrive in almost any indoor conditions and will grow in unique and exciting directions with each new leaf.


Pisces are selfless and compassionate. Spider plants are a low-maintenance and enduring plant that require little in return for the beauty they bring to a room. Self-sufficient Pisces is a perfect match for these plants that give without hesitation.

Regardless of whether you practice or believe in astrology, using zodiac signs can be a fun way to decide on gifts and even purchases for yourself. Consider these options above if you’re searching for a plant that will match a specific personality.