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How much does it cost to repair wood rot around windows? Here are the basics.

by Duarte/Downey Real Estate Agency 08/18/2023

What you should know about wood rot around your home's windows featured image

Homeowners budgeting for repairs might wonder, "how much does it cost to repair wood rot around windows?" Window frames are important for insulation, and damaged or rotting wood frames can lead to leaky windows.

No matter the extent of the issue, it's helpful to know what to expect in terms of repair costs. Here are some of the key factors to consider when it comes to window frames:

Window frame problems

Wood windows are susceptible to rot if exposed to too much moisture. Not only can a rotted window sill or frame be an aesthetic problem, it can also pose a risk to the structural integrity of your walls.

Some other common window frame problems include damaged weather seals or warped window panes. Ultimately, any time there's excess moisture resting on the frame, you have the potential for leaking, rot or mold.

Window frame repair cost

The cost of repairing or replacing window frames depends on several factors, however the main concern is frame material. With wood windows, replacement cost for the sill and frame is typically $200-$300. However, depending on the extent of the rot, the project can get much more expensive.

Since rotting wood needs to be completely removed to prevent spreading, an especially nasty mold problem can mean replacing more than just your window frame.

Other important factors in determining window frame replacement cost include the size of the window unit, price of replacement materials and labor. Replacing rotted wood frames with composite material can cost up to $1000 per window, while new wood or fiberglass frames cost around $200.

What you should know about wood rot around your home's windows infographic

Even if your window frame issue seems small and manageable, it's best to have a professional handle the repairs. When it comes to rotting wood, the sooner you call for help, the better - and more affordable.