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Expert Tips for Growing Geraniums

by Duarte/Downey Real Estate Agency 09/15/2023

Geraniums are a staple among many gardeners for their ease of care and wide array of colors. A versatile plant, geraniums can grow in hanging baskets, containers and soil in a range of climates. If you're thinking of adding geraniums to your garden, here are some essential care tips to help:


Geraniums can grow in almost all hardiness zones. However, it's important to know the sun and other climate requirements for them to flourish. If you live somewhere with hot summer temperatures, plant your geraniums where they'll get some shade during the day. Otherwise, six hours of full sun per day is crucial to helping geraniums flower.


Geraniums are not cold hardy, so make sure to wait until winter temperatures warm up enough. The best time to plant geraniums is after the risk of frost has passed, but before the soil temperature rises too far above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooler night temperatures help encourage budding, while the warmth and ample sun assist in photosynthesis. Finding the right balance is key to happy geraniums.

Watering & Soil Needs

Geraniums like frequent and thorough watering. If planted in the ground, water close to the soil level with the hose and avoid getting the leaves and flowers wet. In pots, you may have to water more regularly, especially if your geraniums are in terracotta or clay. Let the soil dry out to the touch in between waterings to allow it to drain completely.

The best soil for geraniums is loosely-packed and full of organic material. If you notice your regular soil mix gets compacted easily, try mixing in an amendment like peat or perlite to aid drainage. When planting geraniums in pots, be sure to use a container with plenty of drainage to avoid root rot.

Geraniums are popular for many reasons, one being their amazing versatility. If you're thinking of trying geraniums in your garden, remember these tips to help them thrive.